Sunday, December 04, 2005

SugarBank: Bloggasm #11
Another packed bloggasm, I hear that this thing’s really starting to draw some attention. Thanks for the referrals, the more bloggers join in, the better it works. This weeks picks are:

A Vampire Eats Out (

Another Day of Hard Work in Phone Sex (

Bedroom Radio Episode #8 – Under the Covers (

Behaviour and Fulfilled Fantasies (

Better late than never (

“Can’t I at least see them!?” (

Edges - Part II - A Story of Rape, Complicity and Consent (

For M (

Harder (

I’ve Got A Few Other Ideas As Well (

Karly and the True Pro - by Joe (

Mister Interviews Mister (

My heart belongs to Daddy… (

Punishment (

The Swag has Landed (

The Second Coming of Jesus (

The Sounds of Cumming (

Trying Out the New Vibe (

World AIDS Day & Condoms (

Would you kiss or lick me better? (

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