Friday, December 09, 2005

Bedroom Radio Episode #9

blanket music

Download Episode #9 of Bedroom Radio (37 minutes, 33MB) or Subscribe!

Blanket Music - "Hips" (pictured)

Mystery Lyric
(smog) - "To Be of Use" (If you guessed right and didn't get your prize, please let me know!)

Music News
The Strokes' new video is censored by MTV for being too sexy. (via Viviane's Sex Carnival)
Gary Glitter is a creepy pervert.
Courtney Love is "clean and sober".
Rob Sheffield creams his pants over Jessica Alba.

Podcast You MUST Listen To
Whorecast by Melissa Gira (who also just launched a new blog this week, Sexerati)

Dancing With Myself
Wixel - "Mail Me to Finland"

Call me up (or email me an audio clip) telling me the most interesting place you have listened to Bedroom Radio. The best submissions will get a special prize.

Comments? Questions? Adoration? Naked pictures?
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Nobilis said...

I wait in quivering anticipation for Bedroom Radio #10.

dirtyboy said...

so, so delicious... gasping here... beautiful and intensely sexual, thankyou x

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