Friday, December 02, 2005

Bedroom Radio Episode #8 - Under the Covers


Please forgive me for some of the audio inconsistencies this week. I got a new microphone and am still getting used to it. My plosives are especially bad during "Dancing with Myself" and that is the one part of the show that I have to get in one take. If I don't have a pop filter by next week, I'll gladly submit to spankings.

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Song of the Week
Low - "Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me" (Morissey cover)

Email me your guesses. The winners get a picture of my cleavage. The winners and the losers get to hear the song or story on next week's show. Sounds to me like everyone is a winner!

Dancing with Myself
Galaxie 500 - "Ceremony" (Joy Division cover)

I Have a Crush On
Professor P's Porn Panorama (If you have a podcast and want to play that promo on it, let me know, that would be neat.)

Public Service Announcement
How to Pick Up Girls On the Street

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