Friday, December 23, 2005

Bedroom Radio Quickie #2


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As you might already know, Quickie episodes appear when I have something to share but not a lot of time to share it in. Enjoy this very brief holiday show and I'll be back in full force very soon.

The Smittens - "Good Migrations"

Listen to
Podnography - Episode #17

Tell me the most interesting place you've ever listened to Bedroom Radio. The submissions so far are awesome and you have one more week to get entries to me. Call or email an mp3 with your entry.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bloggasm #12

An Appetite Ruined, But Not Mine (

Answering His Call (

Bedroom Radio Episode #9 (

Birthday Sex? (

Blood, Sex & The Open Road (

Cockblogging Wednesday 8 (

Collar: in training (

Daddy’s Little Girl… (

Ding Ring Ohhh (

Fantasy – Pain & Pleasure – Part II

First Date (

Good News Everyone!!! (

Gushing (

House Rules (

I wouldn’t mind if she was 80-something… (

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor… (

Porn Problems for Ozzie and Harriet (

Real Bikers Love "Die Fledermaus" (

Squirt For Me (

Technorati, Sex Bloggers Don’t Tag (

Why, Yes, iMasturbate

Friday, December 09, 2005

Bedroom Radio Episode #9

blanket music

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Blanket Music - "Hips" (pictured)

Mystery Lyric
(smog) - "To Be of Use" (If you guessed right and didn't get your prize, please let me know!)

Music News
The Strokes' new video is censored by MTV for being too sexy. (via Viviane's Sex Carnival)
Gary Glitter is a creepy pervert.
Courtney Love is "clean and sober".
Rob Sheffield creams his pants over Jessica Alba.

Podcast You MUST Listen To
Whorecast by Melissa Gira (who also just launched a new blog this week, Sexerati)

Dancing With Myself
Wixel - "Mail Me to Finland"

Call me up (or email me an audio clip) telling me the most interesting place you have listened to Bedroom Radio. The best submissions will get a special prize.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

SugarBank: Bloggasm #11
Another packed bloggasm, I hear that this thing’s really starting to draw some attention. Thanks for the referrals, the more bloggers join in, the better it works. This weeks picks are:

A Vampire Eats Out (

Another Day of Hard Work in Phone Sex (

Bedroom Radio Episode #8 – Under the Covers (

Behaviour and Fulfilled Fantasies (

Better late than never (

“Can’t I at least see them!?” (

Edges - Part II - A Story of Rape, Complicity and Consent (

For M (

Harder (

I’ve Got A Few Other Ideas As Well (

Karly and the True Pro - by Joe (

Mister Interviews Mister (

My heart belongs to Daddy… (

Punishment (

The Swag has Landed (

The Second Coming of Jesus (

The Sounds of Cumming (

Trying Out the New Vibe (

World AIDS Day & Condoms (

Would you kiss or lick me better? (

Friday, December 02, 2005

Bedroom Radio Episode #8 - Under the Covers


Please forgive me for some of the audio inconsistencies this week. I got a new microphone and am still getting used to it. My plosives are especially bad during "Dancing with Myself" and that is the one part of the show that I have to get in one take. If I don't have a pop filter by next week, I'll gladly submit to spankings.

Download Bedroom Radio #8 (29 minutes) or Subscribe!

Song of the Week
Low - "Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me" (Morissey cover)

Email me your guesses. The winners get a picture of my cleavage. The winners and the losers get to hear the song or story on next week's show. Sounds to me like everyone is a winner!

Dancing with Myself
Galaxie 500 - "Ceremony" (Joy Division cover)

I Have a Crush On
Professor P's Porn Panorama (If you have a podcast and want to play that promo on it, let me know, that would be neat.)

Public Service Announcement
How to Pick Up Girls On the Street

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