Monday, May 07, 2007

Bedroom Radio #13

It has been a long time in the making. If you can remember back to episode 12 almost a year ago, you'll recall that I mentioned having hot sex on the beach. Last week I went back to the beach and had another similar experience.

If you read my blog, you know that I am now taking calls from readers and listeners who are interested in talking to me live. I've made a recording that I was going to sell but I've now decided to give to you, the loyal listener of Bedroom Radio, as a thank you for staying in touch all of these months that I've been out of the loop.

Download Bedroom Radio #13 (MP3, 11 minutes)


Johan Nilsson said...

Welcome back! I have missed your voice in my MP3 player. :) I really enjoyed your story, but I think it's good that you aren't going to abandon the music. You always choose so great tracks to play and to hear you give pleasure to yourself to that music is even better. ;D

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whiteroad said...
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