Friday, November 18, 2005

Bedroom Radio #7 - More Music Than Sex

The show is a bit different this week. More songs, less chatter. I was in a pretty radio mood so I just wanted to hit you with some good stuff and get out. Enjoy!

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The Capricorns - "The New Sound"
I Am the World Trade Center - "Metro" (pictured)
Gerling - "Enter Spacecapsule" (Guitarsarecool mix by Girlsareshort)

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Johan Nilsson said...

Hi! I am a fairly new listener and been catching up on your old shows. Great stuff! I just want to say that I loved the first song by the Capricorns. I have to check it out if it's podsafe and if it is I'm going to play it on my own podcast.

denver john said...

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