Friday, October 28, 2005

Bedroom Radio - Episode #5 "British Invasion!"


As promised last week, I interviewed a real bonafide rock star and asked him all sorts of sleazy questions. You know you love it!

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Show Notes


David Lewis Gedge of The Wedding Present and Cinerama


Cinerama - "Lollobrigida" - Disco Volante

Cinerama - "Tie Me Up" - Torino

Dancing With Myself:

Curve - "My Tiled White Floor" - Gift (Thanks to Si for the great pick! If you have ideas for songs for me to "dance" to email them to me.)

Public Service Announcement:

"How to Pick Up Girls at the Library"

Call for Submissions!

I want to know what song was playing or what song you wish had been playing when you lost your virginity! Call the comment line to share.

Comments? Questions? Adoration? Naked pictures?

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Lord & Ms C said...

Tnx for bringing your podcast to my attention...the world is alot richer for it!

These MP3 players rule...walking around the local corner shop listening to you dance...unmissable!

Must say, from his photo, and even his song lyrics, I would have thought David Lewis Gorge would have been a bit more Rock and Roll than he came across. At least you were not afraid to ask the questions that matter...I like that in an interviewer!

Ever thought about giving Gene Simmons a try?

Lord C

lumpesse said...

I thought the same about DLG. However, we had just finished completing an hour long "straight" interview before that bit. So, perhaps the mood wasn't right. Still, I got to pry into his sex life. Such fun.

Gene Simmons, that is an idea. Wonder who I would have to blow to accomplish that? Eh, actually I think I know the answer ;)